Thursday, December 13, 2012

I missed 12-12-12

This was supposed to be some post about chronic illness sucks and the days are indistinguishable from one another but I am tired of that shit.  The hardest part of being sick is just admiting you are sick.  I have a rare disease and after three years the chance of it going away are slimmer and slimmer.  After three years I have also run through almost all of the treatment options and they so far have been little or non effective.  Some where there is reality that I am sick and that is probably going to part of my identity going forward.  I have a rational mind, I love boolean logic but I can not find a place in my mind for me to be sick.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Grateful to be alive? Yes!

I have an illness, it makes day to day life unpleasant to the point of not being routine.  Some days there is nothing besides the pain.  Am I grateful to be alive?  Yes and not in the desperate I do not want to die kind of way but in the look of my wife's eyes when she laughs at one of my jokes.