Thursday, January 10, 2013

Sick Room, Sanctuary, Prison

I the room I spend most of my time in has been modified with the generous help of one of my cousins and my beautiful wife to be as comfortable for me as possible.  There are some nice pieces of art on the wall, my five year clock from another life when I was able to work, a comfortable chair and a couple of computers to round it out.  If I had to spend time in one room this would be the room I would want to spend it.  Of course there is the caveat from a previous post that this was to be the nursery for a baby it does not look like we will have, but I think I was enough of martyr about that previously.  Sometimes the comforts I have surrounded myself begin to close in on me in a claustrophobic kind of may.  Sometime they slowly close in and smother me like the end of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's nest, you know that kind of slow smothering that only a friend can provide.  If it is a prison at least it is of my own making.

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