Friday, January 4, 2013

Twitter is a distraction / Finding the Art in Illness

I have found that talking to one self under the pretense of tweeting is quite cathartic.  Today is a new day and and the bounce back begins.  I am in a much better place mentally and spiritually than I was a few days ago and the body will do what it does.  I have begun to think of resolutions for the new year.  Perhaps the one I will do my best to follow is to find the art in illness.  I have read and seen the work of others but I hope to find the art in my illness.  I have received some criticism in the past for calling it my illness.  My ever progressing definition of my self must include this illness.  If tomorrow I woke up and was healthy as a horse being sick for the past three years has changed me.  Perhaps finding the art in this will help me internalize this experience and not necessarily move beyond but allow me to move while being held in it.  

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