Monday, February 11, 2013

Asking for help

The first thing to remember is most people suck.  Now I know this is not a bold statement but for me to continue we must all start from the same place.

When I first became ill in this age of Google I spent a lot of time reading on the internet about sarcoidosis and other general articles on how to handle being sick.  It is a rare disease and hence there are not a lot of facts to absorb about the disease specifically.  I then moved on to the generalities of dealing with a chronic debilitating illness.  First thing on the list is be willing to ask for help because people are willing they just do not know what to do or so the articles said.  In truth when I have asked for help most people have let me down.

Now to end on a more positive note, there are several people that have been wonderful in their unsolicited help.  I must admit I am afraid to ask for help anymore because I would like to still think the best of people and not be let down.

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