Friday, May 24, 2013

Still Sick, Still Alive

I originally started this blog for two reasons.  One to give myself a forum where I could vent and just spew what was on my mind.  Number two I thought that perhaps sharing my experiences with sarcoidosis I could help other people that are newly diagnosed.  There was a blog I found helpful when I was first diagnosed, it inspired and informed me.  The writer was more articulate than I am and the only reason I continue on with hope of helping people when he had done it better is that he died and I hope not to die (at least not to soon).  I remember how crushed I was when I read the post from his wife saying that he had died.

I have been side tracked by my dad's death but I promise to return to chronicling my experience with chronic illness.  At the moment there is not any good news to report other than I am still good looking and still always hopeful of what the future will bring.

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