Monday, June 17, 2013

Can I have a cat? (A repeat if you follow me on Twitter)

My wife and I have discussing getting a cat ever since I fell in love with my sisters feline a few years ago when I was at her home for a visit.  I have not had pet since my childhood dog was put to sleep when I was sixteen.  I loved that dog greatly and in fact was left so hurt after her death I never had another pet again since.  I did have two cats that I had concurrently with that dog but never a pet since.

I am home most of the time now since I am unable to work and or drive.  To be honest I am lonely and the thought of a cat as a companion does make me happy but the second thought that comes right along is could I tolerate the loss of another beloved companion?

I asked my wife this very question and her answer was that she did not think I could handle the loss of another pet.  I then inquired as to why she thought I should get a cat?  At this point I should remind the reader you should never ask questions if you are not prepared for the answer.  Her answer was that with the proper care the cat would more than likely outlive me.

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