Sunday, June 2, 2013

What not to say to someone who has a potentially fatal disease (Part 1 science)

There are lots of things not to say and I will admit I misled with that title because I only want to focus on a couple of things you should not say someone with a potentially fatal disease.  Do not tell them you know of something that will help if that something does not have specific scientific or clinical information.

Now I am not talking about the general stuff like drink lots of water, get enough rest, don't step on rusty nails, etc.  I am speaking of the I read on the internet about this diet, laser, incense, etc that has been shown to heal everything.  It makes perfect sense, your electromagnetic flux is out of alignment, your Ph is out of balance, you need to eat the same diet as the dinosaurs.

I will admit that I am losing my patience for these well meaning people.  It is possible that these people have not been exposed to the scientific method or critical thinking and I use this to comfort myself but upon occasion I will explode.  Do not bring anything to a sick persons attention unless it has something formal to support it.

I do not need peer reviewed publications but I do need at least a scientifically based hypothesis or a formal study of preferably double blind nature but I will take any kind of study.  Some guy or girl on a website spouting pseudoscience crap that they are for the most part making up with a little basis on what they can remember from high school is not acceptable.

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