Sunday, June 9, 2013

What not to say to someone who has a potentially fatal disease (Part 2 religion)

I must preface this by saying my faith is what people see when they say they admire how I handle being ill.  In another post which will be titled The Reluctant Christian I will attempt to explain how I rely on faith to live each day but for now I think it would suffice to say I am a man of faith and I do actively rely on it.

Now with that the personal stuff is out of the way let us continue.  This is the United States of America and in this country and we are guaranteed freedom of religion.  That is the freedom to practice our religion but also that my practice of my faith, for lack of a better word, will not be inflicted on anyone who is not interested in my faith.  I believe in these principles to such an extent I would give my life in order to protect them.

Now with that the philosophical stuff is out of the way let us continue.  Things you should not tell someone who has a potentially fatal disease, number one you have the power to heal yourself.  Again I know these are well meaning people and I do not discount that my positive mental outlook helps me cope with this disease but since I am still sick that means I am not using the power and I must still want to be sick?

Number two if you believe what I believe you will be cured.  Now this is wrong on so many levels it is actually hard for me to articulate.  So my faith must be wrong because I am still sick and if I just convert to your faith I will be healed?  I am not interested in converting to your faith if your God will not help people unless they convert and that he moves you to pray on the sick who at their weakest.  I welcome anyone to pray for me in their way and if I am healed by them I will convert.  That is a standing offer.

Number three God is punishing you for your bad deeds.  So Hitler has to kill himself but for me being a child bully and being married a few times gets me sarcoidosis?  If that is how God really operates I prefer not to believe in that God and enjoy my ignorance.

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