Monday, July 29, 2013

Getting Your Affairs In Order (Part 1)

If you follow my blog you know my dad died back in March and that combined with my declining health has finally motivated me to "Get My Affairs In Order".  Just for the record the quotation marks used in the previous sentence are of the air variety.  There are things that I thought would be hard that have been easy and there are things I had not thought about which are not necessarily hard but confusing to say the least.

The actual decisions about what I wanted done with my remains was quite easy.  My dad had been cremated and a big part of that decision was just practical in that he died quite a few states away from his home.  When it came to his final internment it was easy for my siblings and I to just divide up the ashes and kind of each do our own thing.  I think if we would have had him embalmed and kept intact it would have been much harder to divide him.  The convenience definitely appealed to me, for my dad I had a little pendant urn, a small urn for my desk, and a nice full size one for display.  Also I have a good amount that I will have interned with his mother.  One sister had part of him interned in a mausoleum at an Episcopal church in a town he was fond of, my other sister I believe will have some of his ashes interned at a family cemetery.  Cremation makes things easy.

I would like to be cremated in a pine coffin.  I always loved working with pine.  It is a soft wood and it will literally bend to your will.  Easy to sand and easy to finish.  Love the grain some of the best knots I have seen outside of walnut.  Also it will stain easily and take on almost any finish.  Last but not least who can forget the beautiful fresh smell. Now that is wood I can spend all of eternity with.  I have requested that my wife keep my ashes around until she passes away and then have them interned or scattered or frankly whatever as long as they are with her.  Boom goes the dynamite first one down.

Now for the actual service.  As I have mentioned in past posts I am a Christian but not of the proselyting variety.  Funerals are for the living and not the dead and as such I want my funeral held at the religiously neutral site of a funeral home.  I want all my friends regardless of their religion or lack their of to feel comfortable coming to my funeral.  If there is going to be any religious speaker of course I mandate that they would be Christian but I would be fine without any religious presence at my funeral.  Again funerals are for the living and since I will be dead I do not need a sermon or any kind of reassurance in my faith.  I think that my life and the demonstration of my faith through how I lived my life should hopefully serve as beacon to people that are open to having Christ in their lives.

Now do not worry I am still keeping the religion talk to a minimum and in part two of this post we will be discussing more practical legal stuff and of course the food to be served at my funeral.  Both very important topics.  See you all next week.

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