Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Leaving the dream

First things first, sorry about the delay in the post.  A little bit of stomach virus / food poisoning / who knows but it did keep me down for a couple of days.  Now for the post.

I was emailing back and forth with one of my sisters and she asked what I as doing, I of course responded that I was dying (I think it is funny).  She then in turn said I was leaving the dream.  I think this is of course auto correct changing living misspelled to leaving but even if that is the case it is a beautiful sentiment.

Is this life just a dream and when we die are we actually waking up?  Beyond the beautiful sentiment if this is a dream lately it has become boring.  My grandmother always used to say that if you were bored it was a sign that you have a boring mind.  At this point grandmother I am willing to concede I have a boring mind.

The days run together now.  There are two reasons the days run together.  Number one the brain does not function as well as used to, partly from the disease and partly from the drugs I take for the disease.  Number two the days are the same, there is little variation from day to day I can never tell what day it is.  The only difference that I can tell is whether I have a doctors appointment or not.

Maybe when this dream ends another begins.

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