Monday, August 26, 2013

Pain Pills (Part 1)

When I first started this blog I made reference to the fact that my room has become my prison  As I become more ill it become more accurate.  My pain level has increased greatly and I have finally broken down and requested an increase of pain medication.  The doctor gave me a prescription without any reservation.

I have been reluctant to take pain pills, I have been reluctant to stop working, I have been reluctant to admit I am sick.  I do not like to be dependent on anything or probably anyone when I really think about it.  I spent two months writhing in pain before I finally broke down requested that increase.  My main sarcoidosis doctor have built a relationship over the last three years and I have been reluctant from the start too take any drugs of any kind for sarcoidosis.

When I was first diagnosed I refused treatment for three months until I literally could not walk and was out of breath just getting out of a chair.  When we would try a new drug that would that would take six months to start working I would stay on it for a year just to make sure it was not working.  This is just a small sampling but it gives you an idea of the relationship I have with my doctor, he tries to give me drugs and I refuse.  So when I finally ask for an increase in pain medication he is like oh my and gives to me.

Now I know this was not very interesting but I swear part 2 Pain Pills The Terror will be.

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