Monday, September 9, 2013

Disability Insurance (Evil? Afraid!)

When I was able to work I had signed up for a long term disability insurance through my work.  It has not been easy working with them.  It took a long time to get approved because they kept "losing" my medical records and that is the first incident in a relationship that I would characterize as difficult.

On Thursday of last week they called to tell me that my disability claim was no longer supported by my doctor and that he said in his office notes that I was doing quite well and they were no longer going to be able to pay my claim.  I was crushed.  I had thought that my doctor had understood how sick I was and now come to find out that he thought I was doing quite well, it took my breath away.

I felt lost and alone.  That nobody supported me.  My wife and I are in a financial place where we do not need the money from disability insurance but it allows us to be a little comfortable.  In fact things would be uncomfortable if the disability money were to stop.  Money aside the part that caused me the most stress was my doctor thought I was doing "quite well".

I had my wife go get all the doctors office notes from this year so I could  read for myself what he had been saying.  That is when I began to question whether my disability insurance company is evil or not.  Below I will quote some from the doctors office notes and to preface so I do not have to post all of the notes he is talking about remicade infusions.

Doctor "After the 2nd treatment he felt quite well with improvement in pain level and of skin lesions."

Disability insurance lady did not include the sentence that followed.

Doctor "The effects did not last till the 3rd treatment."

That is the only time my doctor has used the words quite well and only in reference to a short span in which the remicade did have a positive affect.  I am trying to find a reason why the disability folks would just quote that one sentence out of context other than they were trying to manipulate me so they would not have to pay my claim anymore but I can not think of one.  Can you?


So I called the disability insurance folks today and after I pointed out that the doctors notes did not in fact say I am doing well they told me it was all a big misunderstanding.  Makes you wonder, do I seem like I am easily confused?

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