Monday, September 2, 2013

Labor Day

On this Labor Day I can't helping thinking that I took being able to work for granted.  I hope I don't do a lot of woe as me posts but I am afraid this may be one.  I started work when I was fourteen and worked until I was thirty nine.  That is twenty five years of gainful employment.  Come September I will have been disabled and unable to work for one year.

I never realized how important working was for me.  I had my complaints just like everyone else.  I worked harder, was not appreciated, was not paid enough, should have more responsibility, should have less responsibility, and etc.  Then poof those complaints are gone and replaced with new complaints that make the old ones seem much more appealing.  New complaints, I can not walk, can not breathe, can not wipe my own ass, and etc.

Now on the other hand I supposed everyone dreams about not having to work and I am no exception but I think I imagined being healthy and a lottery winner not dieing and living on disability insurance.  It is so hard to get up every morning and not be able to go to work.  It is not just that I am not working it is that I am unable to go to work.  I have actually had people say they are envious of all the time I now have.  The pain that drove me from my job still fills my day.

I wont bore you with a repeat description of the pain but it has become my constant companion.  The moral of all of this rambling is that pain will make you miss even the most annoying of coworkers and be sure to enjoy the now because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

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