Monday, October 7, 2013

ACA (Well at least it is not about my mom right?)

There has been a lot of thoughtful discussion about the ACA (Affordable Care Act) and there has also been a lot of assholes talking to hear themselves talk. I do not have a lot to add other than two small points about me personally and a little bit about the whole thing so to speak.

I hear a lot talk from people that are opposed to the ACA that it is too expensive.  These cost discussions leave out one tiny detail.  If someone does not have health insurance there chances of dying increase dramatically and sometimes it can be the single most important factor in whether you live or die (breast cancer).  It comes down to how much is someones life worth? Over the long term costs are going up one way or the other and it is hard to say what the cost are going to be, how much will health care costs go down when people are diagnosed with illnesses sooner than they would have been because preventive care is now covered with no copay? It is hard to know and even if it is more expensive how many people die before it becomes "worth it"?

The lifting of the lifetime cap will literally save my life, I do not know how much my life is worth but in general I like being alive. Before ACA my insurance policy had a million dollar lifetime cap and my health care is over one hundred thousand dollars a year, it is easy to do the math in ten years I would no longer have coverage and then I would not be able to get another policy because of my preexisting condition and then I would die. Literally without health insurance I will die, and I will not die well (not as if things are going real well with health care but definitely better than without it.) I can continue to go on but on but I think it gets further aware from my point, it will literally save my life and I guess the question I would ask is what is one persons life worth? How much is my life worth? I do not know the answer but in truth money equals life.

Could the whole health care/insurance system become unsustainable?  I do not know but I think it is better to at least try and give people a greater quality of life and literally save many lives than not try to save lives because it is to expensive. 

PS I know I am an example of someone that some people would consider a reason the system has become unsustainable but I am sorry suicide is literally against my religion.  Is it time for somebody to just come and shoot me?  I hope not I like being alive and I know I have repeated that a few times but lets just say it is a theme I try and live by.

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