Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Holiday Season thank you disability insurance lady

Today is a special bonus post as we approach the holiday season and if you are gung ho it is the holiday season.  A lot of this post references events that were described in my last post so if you have not read my last post please do My last post.  Normally I do not have any callbacks but hey it is a bonus post you gets what you gets.

I finally received the official request from the insurance lady.  She wants all medical records from all my doctors for all of 2013.  This is despite the fact she has everything but two months worth of records.  Now you might be thinking why don't you just send her the two months of records?  If I do not give her what she asks for she can claim I have not responded to her request and cancel my claim because I am uncooperative. Also I only have fifteen days in which to get her a years worth of records.  

Now wait sports fans now it gets good.  She also wants my doctor to fill out an hours worth of paperwork and I am not exaggerating, it took him an hour to fill it out.  The insurance lady did not mention she would need this paperwork.  Oh and a note about this paperwork is my doctor had just filled it all out the end of September.  My doctor indicated on the forms he filled out in September that he did not anticipate my condition changing.  He used those words I love, chronic and refractory.  Now instead of using my time with my doctor for my care we are filling out forms for the insurance company.  I may be wrong but I bet she was hoping I could not get that paperwork filled out by my doctor in the fifteen day window.  It just so happened I had appointment with my doctor yesterday.  The scary part about this is my doctor often goes to Japan and at a different time I would not have been able to get these forms filled out.  I think this might be her intent in making my doctor fill out these forms every two months is the hope that I will not be able to have them filled out and she can again cancel the policy because I refuse to provide requested forms.  To put it in perspective normally for someone who is chronically ill like I am insurance companies request these doctor forms every six months or even once a year.  Now why does my doctor have to fill it out every two months?  Well you all know what I think.

In closing I now have no doubt it was the right thing to do hiring the attorney.  I hope it will stop the game playing and just let me focus on my health and allow my doctor to focus on my health as well.

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