Monday, November 25, 2013

I was a Libertarian and then I got sick :(

I wrote this in response to a friends inquiry and thought it raised some salient points.  Also it is much easier to cut and paste than to actually write a new blog post.  Now I am wondering if I should make excuses why I am doing this or just leave it.  I have already done a fair bit of whining in previous posts so just read over those and insert some horrible things here as an excuse as to why I did not write a new blog post and just cut and pasted.  

I have insurance through my wife and I have private disability insurance I purchased through my employer before I got sick. A thought occurred to me, lets say my wife left me tomorrow, boom no health insurance, Second thought there is no mandate that makes my employer carry long term disability coverage and truth be told if it was not something I purchased through my employer I never have sought it out.  Two things that could easily be different and if they were different I would be dead.

The Libertarian thought would be that a private charity should help me with my medical bills. My medical bills run about $14,000 dollars a month, full disclosure that does include drugs which I consider a medical bill, I do not know of any charities that could pay my medical bills for very long and if they could they would probably would not.  They would direct there money where it could help the most people. You can help a lot of people with $14,000 dollars a month. 

People have used the example of private fund raising events for cancer treatments which can be expensive.  Sarcoidosis and other chronic illnesses are not like cancer.  With cancer there are usually some heavy duty up front costs and then you usually get better or die, one of the two, I will not be cured and I probably will not die for a while yet.

The conclusion I have come to is without my wife I would have to rely on the state,  It was a hard conclusion for a Libertarian to make.  On a side note it was also difficult for me to accept that I was wrong.  I still have a lot of the values of personal freedom that are espoused by Libertarianism.  That being said I think the next ideas I have are not very Libertarian.  I think the state should exist, and through the social compact that we all have made as members of a society I think there should be taxes and those should be used to create a safety net.  A safety net for health care and monetary needs.

Before I was sick it was easy to say that private charities should take care of the poor and people without health care.  The reality that my medical bills are a small fortune on a monthly basis and they could not reasonably be handled by any charity that I know of leads the Libertarian in me to ask should I be allowed to die? I am prejudiced on this topic because I like being alive so I had to change my a lot of my Libertarian beliefs.

I really think we should go farther than Obamacare and go with a single payer system which is quite Democratic but I also think Democrats believe in the nanny state and curtail many of our freedoms. I have a hard time voting now. 

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