Monday, November 11, 2013

In my opinion the disability insurance lady might be evil

Today's blog post is short and is just about what the title says. First I will just lay out the facts and let you the reader decide.  This was a few months back just to set the scene.  The disability insurance lady calls just to tell me that the medical records I have provided up to the point do not support my disability claim.  I get my medical records and read them and they indicate that I am really sick.  My doctor is also the head of critical care at the hospital that I see him at and he can be quite brief in his notes and usually only indicates things that have changed since the last visit.

The next visit with my doctor I ask him if he could be specific and list everything that is going wrong with me regardless of whether it has changed or not.  My doctor is a nice man and agrees.  I talk to the disability insurance lady and she is so friendly and says she is excited that those notes sound perfect and of course she is on my side and this will all be taken care of.

She calls me a week later and tells me she just got off the phone with medical records and she is waiting for the fax back and those doctors notes should take care of everything.  Fast forward to this Friday she calls and tells me that I have not provided any medical records and she is sending me a fifteen day notice and if I do not get all my records to her before the end of this fifteen day period my policy will be canceled.

Called my doctors medical records and it turns out that she had never called and requested those doctors notes.  Now this is just my opinion but I think she intentionally led me to believe that everything was fine i.e. that she was just waiting for the fax back so that she could then wait a few months and send me this fifteen day notice with the hope that I would not be able to get my medical records back to her in time.

At this point I have hired an attorney and sent her notice that all communication and correspondence should go through my attorney.  I am also hurriedly gathering up my medical records and sending them to her.  It is stressful and I am hopeful that now I have an attorney and everything she does is going is to be submitted in writing that the games will stop.  I am hopeful.

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