Monday, January 13, 2014

Christmas Came

Christmas has always been one of my favorite holidays and not in the peace on earth good will to men kind of way but in a I love decorating Christmas trees and especially flashing lights kind of way.  As I have grown older I certainly appreciate the peace on earth aspect more and more but certainly as a child it was flashing lights.

I have been seriously ill for the past three years and as a consequence the past three Christmas's I have been more focused on finding treatments for my illness than the holiday itself.  I had been looking for a treatment to the exclusion of almost everything else, even the joy of flashing lights on a Christmas tree!  This year now that I have exhausted all possible treatments I have begun a search for joy.  I will admit the search for joy is a mostly selfish search my wife will also benefit.

My wife no longer takes me experiencing joy for granted and when she sees joy in my eyes she seems to wake from a deep slumber.  It is like she is a child on Christmas morning and her eyes light up with the joy when she can see me getting finding the joy that is still to be found in life.  Bearing all this in mind it was time to remember and experience the joy of decorating a Christmas tree.

This realization came pretty late in the holiday season but not so late that we had no options.  We have a couple of artificial Christmas trees in storage and all of decorations for the most part are with them.  The trees are reachable but not without a great deal of time and effort.  I thought the great deal of time and effort might not let us fully experience the joy and that being the case I found a three foot tall white Christmas tree on clearance.  I added one string of red lights and some golf ball sized red and white ornaments at a reasonable price and a tree became decorated in out front room.

The tree, the lights and the ornaments were inexpensive and it was up and decorated within a half an hour.  You the reader may be asking yourself why I am talking about this on January 13th as opposed to before Christmas?  The reason is a lot of the time this blog affords me a place to vent and I think that serves a valuable service to me and I think to other people in the same situation, that being said looking back over my blog posts I find that I do not share the joy as often as I should and right now I am still looking at a little white Christmas tree and that gives me joy.

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