Tuesday, April 1, 2014

WASP! (A lesson learned from spending time with my dad, whom I still love and miss)

In 1980 my dad purchased a black Datsun king cab pickup new from the dealer.  My father was a frugal man and he did not see any reason to purchase air conditioning.

I was twelve in the summer of 1985.  My dad and I were headed north on I-15 just outside of Ogden Utah.  It was hot and we had the windows rolled down.  The temperature was in the upper 90's but cruising at 60 mph we were comfortable.

To break up this idyllic scene a wasp flew in through the drivers side window.  It was flying around inside that tiny cab of that tiny pickup.  My dad immediately began instructing me to stay calm and that if we stayed calm the wasp would have no reason to sting us.  Then the wasp landed on my dads thigh.

He again instructs me to stay calm.  I am getting agitated and as I side note to add a little more flavor to this story, I am/was terrified of insects and arachnids.  At this point there is a sudden and violent disturbance in the force.  My dads hand comes off the steering wheel with lightening speed and he struck his thigh.  After a moment my breathing returned to normal and I had recovered from the shock and I looked over at my father and said "I thought you said if we remain calm it wouldn't sting?"

My dad says "Sometimes you get stung." and then he just starts laughing and laughing.  If you have not read my other blog posts about my dad you do not know about his laugh.  His laugh was the purest translation of joy into sound that there could be.

What is the moral of the story of the wasp and the truck with no air conditioning?  That there is pain in life and sometimes that can not be avoided, sometimes the decisions we make effect the future but we can rarely anticipate what all those effects will be, and last but not least if you have someone to share a laugh with none of that matters and there is joy in life.

I don't get squishy much but I like to say I appreciate everyone who reads this blog.  It makes me think that my selfish ramblings may help other people.  May God bless each and every one of you and may a little peace come over you tonight right when you are trying to fall asleep.  Remember you can pray for small things and some days small things are big things.

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