Tuesday, May 6, 2014

The Marshall Protocol (Chasing the Cure) Part 2

There are a lot of websites that "support" the Marshall Protocol.  The first kind you are likely to run across is the "scientific" website that will point you to "independent research" that has finding that support the basis of the Marshall Protocol.  Let me address the parentheses in the room.  This research is usually independent, in fact so independent the people that conduct the research usually think that "Doctor" Marshall has misunderstood it.

They do not say he misinterpreted their studies.  Results of a study are always subject to interpretation.  The authors of several studies have said that Marshall did not understand their studies.  Let me translate that into some plain talk: either because he does not have the necessary background or the necessary intelligence or both he literally does not understand what the study is saying and all the inferences he makes are flawed do to his misunderstanding.

Now at this point a lot of bloggers would say the preceding has been my opinion.  The preceding is not just my opinion it is shared by people with medical degrees and backgrounds in the appropriate science.  I am almost reluctant to share the following link because this guy is articulate and pithy.  There are times when I am pithy and there are times when I am articulate but the times I am both are few and far between.  That being said here is the link:


There are a whole other group of websites but I will get to them in the next blog post.  Short format, thoughts?  I am always capable of rambling and don't you all doubt it.

Update this is also the beginning of part 3

I forgot to mention something very important in part 2 so this is a continuation of part 2 and then I will get to part 3.  The websites that purport to show the independent research are all run by Doctor Marshall, one of the groups that Doctor Marshall is the head of or a consultant to, and then finally patient advocacy blogs that are closely tied to Doctor Marshall.  The websites are not really independent and I should have made that clear, the studies they quote are often independent but the people doing the quoting are always either Doctor Marshall or someone affiliated with him, not my idea of independent.

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