Wednesday, September 17, 2014

My Cat Likes Live Prey

So a moth came into the house tonight, my cat began playing cat and moth with said moth.  I know I may get some mockery for this but after encouraging the cat to kill the moth I could not let her toy with it forever so I picked up my cat so my wife could get the moth and either put it outside or well you know.  I immediately realized the cat takes live prey much more seriously than say a cat dancer or a laser dot.  The cat began to convulse like she was undergoing electroshock therapy.  During the convulsions there was some damage done but I was able to put her into a bedroom and shut the door.

I then took care of the moth situation, unfortunately it was a job for the Wolf. 

I then took inventory of my injuries.  The forearms where bloodied as you would expect and even a pretty good gash on one thumb but as time continued to spit out ticks I began to notice a warm feeling around my left nipple.  Then the nipple began to burn as I began to take inventory of the nipple I noticed four claw marks starting right below my collar bone and ending under my nipple.  Upon closer examination I noticed that all four wounds were bleeding and my nipple was partially detached.  I think a lesser man might have gone to the urgent care.

The morale of this tale?  Don't get between a predator and live prey? YOLO?

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