Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Thanksgiving, I was only haunted by my dad for a minute

My wife and I have returned from our Thanksgiving at the Zermatt resort.  My wife was a little uncomfortable with people serving her as she had never stayed at a "fancier" hotel before but by the second day she was good, had the whole handshake money in the hand tip.  It was fun having room service and food from Frisch (local vegan restaurant, my wife is vegan) for Thanksgiving dinner.

The room was huge and had a fireplace, a balcony, a dinner table, a king size bed and a huge tub.  They have a spa in the Hotel and I had scheduled a day of spa activities for my wife for the Friday following Thanksgiving.  She reported back that it was good, not as good as some dedicated spas but good.  My wife and I are short on immediate family that are alive and local and it was nice to have a getaway.

My parents were divorced when I was six and somewhere along the way Thanksgiving became my dads holiday.  There were some dry turkeys for the first several years but along the way dad became quite the cooker of turkeys.  My sisters and I fought on most holidays and Thanksgiving was not an exception and my dad was not a peacemaker, I think he would best be described as a silence maker.  There were at least as many holidays that were filled with laughter and my father could fill a room with his laughter and illuminate any environment with his smile.

On this Thanksgiving after my wife had gone to sleep there was melancholy brought on by the absence of my father.  No tears were shed but my eyes did water.  It is better this year than the first year he was gone, well I am not sure better is the word, easier.  Easier is not the word either, I am thinking that is some combination between distant and less piercing, like I was stabbed with a spear but it has been withdrawn and it only stabs me again on Thanksgiving or when I reach for the phone to call him but most of the time the spear is withdrawn, most of the time.

PS (Health Note)

The resort was 1200 feet above our casa and I will tell you what, it was rough the first day.  I didn't really put it together that the altitude was responsible for my discomfort until the next day when I had begun to acclimate to the altitude.  I swelled up like that guy from Big Trouble In Little China who explodes at the end of the movie and once the swelling had gone down the next day it was pretty apparent that it was probably a little bit of the old congestive heart failure.

Now what is the sarcoidosis take away health tip from this little jaunt up the mountain?  Do not ignore your body, if you feel like you can't get comfortable and which ever way you lay you feel like your chest is being compressed and you can't breathe, well you might be dying and in more of an immediate kind of way than the existentialist we all are dying kind of way.  Loves to all and sarcoidosis hopefully just for me!

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