Friday, March 20, 2015

Saint Patrick's Day (This Year It Is Personal)

So it has been a long week, acupuncture, x-rays (not related to acupuncture), blood tests, wonderful last church class before Easter but I am officially beat up.  Also for the record when a doctor makes you spend the day at the hospital just to do what you asked him to do over the phone, I know he cares and he wants me alive but it can be a little frustrating.  Also my automated Reddit to Facebook decided to share every post I have ever upvoted instead of just the new ones but hey it is Friday.  Also I literally slept 20 hours one day and it fells like a lost a day from this bug I picked up, I remember the good old days when I was sick on Saint Patrick's Day from drinking to much booze, oh the times they are a changing.

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