Monday, November 9, 2015

To Put It Out There Or Not Put It Out There, That is the question

I post shit that comes to mind.  That is it, I know it would be impossible to tell that from reading my past posts, but it is true.  Sometimes what comes to mind how people can be shitty.  Sometimes it is because people are awesome.  Most of the time it is because people are shitty.

As time passes and I become less able I lose control of things so to speak.  Some days I do not have control of anything but usually I have control over my words and I am able to plunk some of them out and post them to no one and everyone which is the beauty of the internet.

The first problem is that words have power.  Problem number two is when people think they generally think about themselves.  Not in the selfish kind of way just that it is hard to get outside of your own head and I am no better than anyone else, well I am better than a lot of people but certainly not the fine quality people that read this blog.  You combine these two problems and it makes it hard to vent about whatever person is behaving like an asshole at that particular moment because every person that is sensitive thinks they are the asshole in question.

The old me would not have given much of shit about this, but two things are different in the new me, first and foremost I don't find butting heads with people enjoyable anymore or to be more accurate I would say I no longer have the energy to butt heads with people.  The thing that will surprise everyone is that being Catholic has made want to be more Christlike. Before I post things I now consider what impact it will have on people.

You can not be too vague or everyone will think the post is about them, seriously this has happened to me more than once or you are specific enough that you may embarrass someone so you can blow off a little steam.

Sidenote sometimes it is crucial to let off a little steam or the boiler will explode.

I have a fifty-eight drafts I am working on and the truth be told I don't want to finish them because I am scared about what I will find out so really all this other stuff was just self flagellating bullshit.

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