Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Wife Left

My wife left.

She gave me Del Taco before she left.

It was the day after I told everyone I had been abused as a child.

Time ticks slowly, no slower than before, slowly.

I have not written anything since she left.

Writing now.

There are demons and angels that escape when I write.

I held the demons and angels close since she left.

I needed the company.

Voices of the dark and the light kept me warm company.

Love should be unconditional.

There were two wives before.

Conditions of love.

Past holds their conditions of love.

I love my wife without conditions.

It watched her leave out the door.

Love can hold, fortify, comfort, warm....

Love won't chase the fleeing, flying, leaving.

Maybe it could chase but it won't.

Ten years together, not alone.

Two months alone reveals the truth.

I am less alone today than I have been for years.

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